LF Wedding Invitation W/ Zane Annointment (Missed the event to get it)

Got a bunch of stuff like mods for zane and fl4k to offer a few for moze and amara, and a few annointed weapons to trade with.

Send me an FR on Epic. My name is the same as here; and leave me your Epic name so I know it’s you and not some crazy stalker :laughing:.

Its gonna be some japanese stuffs I cant change it but should be パーマナード

We are now friends.

I was going to mail them to you but I can’t tell if it’s you so I’m sending you an invite.

I got 2 dahl pistols but none of them have the cryo annoint, i plan on farming a bunch of weapons so Ill let you know if i get any that drop, i need to get the nemesis one myself too

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