Lf wedding invitation

Lf for a wedding invitation that is good for fl4k. I have one with iron bear, increase reload by 33% and handling for 67% currently.

Do you have any good level 53 items

The little bit I have been able to farm so far is

Ripper: 115 gamma burst
Ripper: ase 100% weapon damage
Lucians call cryo: ase next 2mags have corrosive
Sawbar: 115 gamma burst
Shrediffier: 115 gamma burst
Dictator rakk 50% critical
Wedding invitation: iron bear next 3 mags 33% reload speed and 67% increased handling
Lyuda corrosive: consecutive hits 1%
Class mods
Fl4k Friend bot: Jakob’s critical 48% 38% shield recharge, 53% cov accuracy
Cosmic stalker: 11% tediore damage, smog damage, Mali wan damage,
Red fang: 33% assault damage, 11 Jakob’s damage, 32% cool down
Bounty hunter: 30% shield recharge delay, 21% cryo resistance, 26% Jakob’s reload speed

That’s everything I have so far.

Now have these as well
Night hawkin: ase 100 gun damage
Night hawkin: rakk 100 damage
Shredifier ase 100 gun damage

I got my invitation… with no annointments… lame. Is there anyway to get another, besides leveling up a character??

You’ll need to either get one on another character or trade. Merged you into a Wedding Invitation trade thread…

Consecutive lyuda, whats the mag on that? Hit me up gt: Laggy j

The lyuda has a mag size of 11

I have a wedding invitation with 100% weapon dmg on ASE. Would you trade for the night hawkin 100 ase?

Yes I would. I didn’t really plan on using the night hawkin

My gamer tag is jasondragonfire let me know your gamer tag and I will send it your way

Looking to trade - wedding invitation. I was rewarded a Zane one. Need one for FL4K.