LF White Elephant with melee lifesteal

Have deathless artifacts, loaded dice, blastmaster mods and others just let me know what your looking and I can see if I got it

I might have one, I’ll check after work in about 12 hours. What’s your GT if I do have one?

My GT is ShwammPOWW

And thanks in advance if you do have it!

image ???

Do you have an Incendiary Lyuda?

I’ll need to check my stash but sadly I don’t think I have one

What about a solid Amara class mod?

I have a couple phasezerker mods maybe an elemtalist and maybe a breaker mod

I doing quests with a buddy right now so I haven’t been able to check sanctuary yet

Let me know what the phasezerker mods are when you get the chance

Temp spectral phasezerker with 25% tediore reload, 31% heavy weapon, 31% SMG damage.
Blended carpet bombing elemtalist with 18% critical hit, -19% sheild delay, 31% shotgun damage
Entranced cosmic phasezerker with 10% atlas damage, 20% fire resist, 24% magazine size
I also have 2 brawler wards with the 300% melee

I can do the Temp spectral phasezerker?

Sure I’ll send it over next time I’m in sanctuary, my GT is ShwammPOWW

Okay cool, ill send it on over

It says you are offline should I still send it over?

Give me 5 min! But yeah you can send it on over, I’ll mail it over to you in 5 when I hop back on!

Alright I sent over the class mod just wanted to make sure it was the right person

Much appreciated! ill send yours over rn

How do i send it to you if you’re not my friend?

You need to add me as friend in order to send it but you can just remove me afterward, my GT ShwammPOWW