LF Wicked Robo-Melter Masher

Calling it now this gun is going to be a beast annointed. LF one with 100 weapon damage on ASE it’s a quest reward and I have no idea how to farm it or if quest rewards can be annointed BUT if anyone has one with that annointment I’d love to trade.

I have this one shown if anyone wants to try it out message me


Name of the quest so I can try to farm it?

:joy: So here’s the thing lol. Was breezing through the dlc and didint realize I got it :joy::joy:. That info should be out soon I’m sure lol

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It’s from one of the main story quests on the dlc (can’t say which to avoid spoilers) but you should come across it. I just got it and it’s great.

I’m trying for one now. Back up your save to cloud or usb.

I’ve done it ten times and not a single one anointed.

Think ill keep my normal playthrough 1 not done just incase they fix these to be anointed - or if they are for that matter