LF>wishlist to complete my sirens build

LF>nimbus class mod with +3 or higher in tempest.(shockyfire skull pic). id also take one with a 2 tempest if it has aoe damage and/or radius bonuses.
LF>radiation/ice/shock-infinity with life steal anointment.
LF>[not deathless]-atom balm with aoe damage, and/or aoe radius.
LF>lifesteal anointed tsunami with higher than 382 damage.

thanks for listening, [psn->] Gorghandi

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LF>[not deathless]-atom balm with aoe dam/radius. this doesn’t have to be a legendary one it can be of epic rarity. as long as it has the 3 radiation abilities on top, and both abilities on the bottom. i don’t really need the extra center row of abilities.

updated my sirens wishlist. if you can please help me find this stuff i am farming constantly, i just have terrible luck.