[LF] Woodblockers (SNTL/cryo and/or clone/swap)

I swear this is not a joke! :laughing:

I’m looking to replicate LazyData’s Woodblocker only Maliwan Takedown run but instead of Amara I want to do it with Zane so I need SNTL/cryo and clone/swap anointed Woodblockers in radiation and corrosive.


I use a Woodblocker and think it’s pretty good… think much of the hate comes from it apparently contaminating peoples’ loot piles and/or ‘it’s not a Lyuda’. Amara is my Hyperion rep, so she wouldn’t use this anointment; if I find one, it’s yours.

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What platform? I might still have 100% cryo sntnl.

Epic. My name there is the same as here.

I’m on PS4 so… good luck then :slight_smile:

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Moved to the PC trade section.

I like the woodblocker too lol. But there’s no way anyone can say it doesn’t drop like crazy for them. The sheer amount of woodblockers I’ve seen are ludicrous

Thanks to everyone who sent me Woodblockers (i.e., @Prismatic)! :star_struck: Unfortunately the Woodblocker is a no go on Zane in TVHM/M4. I’ve re-watched the LazyData video and I now have a better understanding of why he was able to so effectively pull off a Woodblocker only MT run. For Zane to do it too many things need to go right ALL the time and the one time they don’t you are back to square one and almost out of ammo. :weary: But that’s okay and here is why.

The overall forum perspective that the Woodblocker is trash tier and my personal perspective in trying to use it seriously that it’s lackluster doesn’t actually mean anything because there are players that like it (e.g., @KittyShoes17 & @Adabiviak) and players and vault hunters that can use it effectively (e.g., LazyData). It’s a reminder that we and our perspective is not all there is which means this game is providing opportunities to discover new things and to do and use what feels good to you.

Thanks again for the support and GLHF vault hunters :grin: