Lf x14 facepuncher with 150/50

.Lf x14 facepuncher with 150/50. I have lots of gear to trade, from new arms race items to melee gear

Do you have flipper with 200 while as is on?
Or tisy or Boogeyman with same anoinment

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I have a corrosive boogeyman with 200 asa

Sent it to you anyways

Oh thanks! Anything you want from my list mate?

Ah damn I thought you commented on here cause you read the title :sweat_smile: im after a 150/50 x14 facepuncher

Nah… dont have that one. If you find something you want from my list let me know

Ah ill grab your 150/50 cryo boogeyman then?

Sent! Thanks

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