LF: x18 Bangstick - With SNTL CRYO Anoint

Like the title says, I’m looking for an x18 Bangstick, with an additional Cryo Damage while SNTL is active for Zane.

I’d prefer an epic quality, but a decent Blue would work as well.

IGN: Chadvoluted
If you are looking for trade for it, respond here, and let me know what you are after. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a large number of M4 Exclusive / Maliwan Takedown Drops.

First you don’t say what system you play so how is anyone supposed to know if they can trade with you. Second the forum has specific sections for trading per system.

That’s my bad. I thought I was posting in the BL3 PS4 Section.

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No big deal you can flag your own post and choose reason other and write in to ask mod to move it.

Yeah, I asked them to delete it.

I see now what I did. I had a draft saved, from a post I was going to make a while back, and since I never posted it, and never bothered to delete the draft, it saved the target forum.

I should probably just stick to browsing on my phone. I always seem to goof something up on the desktop site.

Closed at OP’s request - see the PS4 Trade section if you have the item requested.