LF x2 Damage Variant of EMP-5

LF x2 Damage Variant of a Craters Emp-5 have loads of 300%,125%, and 100% weapons along with some of the new items that I’ll trade for one. PSN is OrbitOnyx

I have a unannoited x2 crader and a ase 100% crader thats not x2. What ase shields and grenades do you have ? Do you have any ase 100 moonshots or hellwalker?

I have both of the new hybrids shields, 50% bonus corrosion mirv hex cryo, and a 50% bonus shock fastball

Do you have a 100% ase incendinary cutsman?

Nah I don’t

I have a hellwalker with ase 125% to named , badass enemies

Send me a friends request and when I get off mail ban we will trade. Do you have any ase 100% weapons?