LF x2 Devastator with 16 magazine + while airborne 30% damage annoint

Let me know what you’re looking for? I have 160% splash annointed scourges/flakkers and a bunch of other great stuff

Yikes, i had a ton of these, saw it as a wasted anointment like slam, sold them all. I just don’t see how your supposed to sync the bullet hitting and a jump at the exact same time. It is crazy. A jump is less then 1 second in the air. Your lucky to get even 2-3 bullets out while in the air with an SMG on auto. i just couldn’t see that being a viable build

I think it wouldn’t be that hard with the Devastator because it’s a close range option anyway. So just jump, angle downward, and with a single trigger pull four explosive bullets would be fired out.

I have no idea if it would work, but soomething I want to play with. I’m BORED of ASE annointments and kybs worths.

Very true, i think it would work with rocket launchers, shotguns like Flakker, etc, where it is once shot with a long reload