LF X2 Ion Cannon Anointed

Mostly for Zane 50% Cryo stnl or Fl4k Rakk attack

I have a lot for trade , let me know what you need!


I have an Ion Cannon x 2 with 100% Rakk Attack and 1 with 50% Cryo on
ASE if they’re any good?

Trading for anointed Maggie’s & Bekah’s

Have Cryo STNTL bonus Cryo and multiple Rakk Attack versions.

I’m looking for class mods with Heavy Weapon Damage, Weapon Damage min.

Third perk needs to be either Splash Damage, Splash Damage Radius, Critical Damage, Vladof Critical Damage, Shotgun Damage, AR Damage, or Pistol Damage.

I have one for a redistributor anointed with zane sentinel.