LF X2 M10 Recursion with 9+ mag size any element

These drop rates are ridiculous but finding one will take forever. Really looking for a 12 mag but can use a 9. As mentioned element is no concern, thanks.

Still looking for one if anyone doesnt need it anymore after yesterday :roll_eyes:.
I am ready to trade just hit me up. GT: yipikiya

I am pretty sure I’ve got one. I will look in a bit and send it to you if I do. Not sure of the mag size, but it should do the trick.

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Cool thanks! Let me know if you’re hunting anything tho.

Do you care about anointment? The one I have is not great, 200% ASA. But it is fire/shock and x2.

That will work. Much appreciated!

I had two and sent you both. RIP Recursion :cry:

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Yeah i know, again thanks and for the xtra.

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