LF x2 Scoville 100% damage on ASE Thanks!

Anyone happen to have one by chance, if so , feel free to holler, I’d be glad to take a look through my stash to see what I can throw back your way in return. Thanks everyone , much appreciated!



I have a x2 scoville with ase 100

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I have x2 scoville with ase100. Psn is sweatshirt87

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Hey right on Nd4eva, what might you be looking for, anything in particular i can throw your way? Be glad to take a look for ya, holler whenever, appreciate it.

I’m open for a lot of things but don’t know exactly what i might need.

I’m FL4K main trying RAKK Attack, but might go back to Crit build

the Juju or the zheitsev’s would be nice, otherwise what else you might think would be good

Hey ND4eva, does that have an Anointment, or any elemental damage on it by chance? Let me look, I might have a juju

the scoville?

it is x2 fire with 100 ase

Right on , feel free to add me