LF x2 Scoville 100% damage on ASE

I am LF this and also embers purge with this loads to trade you can msg me here or psn colbykente912 thanks, and Happy New Year

I have an incendiary Scoville x2 with that anointment.

Hey there 42, just curious if you still had your scoville on hand? I’d be interested in it, let me know what ya might be after, I’d be glad to take a look for ya, thanks

I have an incendiary Scoville x2 with that anointment also

Yes, I have the scoville x2 ASE 100%. Am looking for ember’s purge with ASE 100% dmg or scoville x2 with other good anointments or good rolls for Seein’ Dead, Green Monster, and St4ckbot.

I have some decent St4ckbot class mods, anything in particular?

Do you have ones with combo of weapon, shotgun, splash, smg, pistol, or other weapon stats?

I got several got 1 with weapon damage jakobs damage and jakobs crit, sorry had to get up early for work

Have others with pistol damage heavy damage health regen etc

Add me on psn colbykente912

I’ll send you a msg on PSN. We’re friends already.

Hey 42. I have an ember’s purge w 100% damage on ASE.

Been looking for that Scolville for days. Hard to find

Anyway you’d trade me for that Scoville?
Can’t find one anywhere

what do you have?