LF x2 shock/corrosive recursion w/ 100% ase have quite a bit to trade

LF x2 shock/corrosive recursion w/ 100% ase

Have 100% Rakk nighthawkin, Maggie, lyuda, Gatling gun, corrosive cutsman and fire rowans call.

100% ase(redundant) brainstormer

65% gamma burst(non redundant) brainstormer, and, fire and shock cutsman.

50% shock, cryo, and rad transformer.

50% cryo and corrosive storm front.

Rakk Pakk com with 25% weapon damage - 45% Jakobs critical - 10% Jakobs weapon damage.

Also, mirv/homing Fire, shock, and corrosive everblasts.

50% while sntnl is out Maggie

I have the recursion. Will trade for your 100 rakk Maggie. Psn gimn123

Also will u trade 50 ASE shock transformer for 50 ASE corrosive one? Edit… It was shock one

Sure. I’ll add you right now.

Ok. I m loadind the game right now. I ll send u the items in a sec