LF x25 Stagecoach and Unseen Threat

Consecutive hits on the stagecoach and 100% ase for the unseen threat. Let me know what youre looking for I got a good bit of lvl 57 gear.

Any dlc2 gear with gamma burst?

No sorry

Got a Anachry w 115

I’m also looking for a 57 stagecoach x25 100ase and a clairvoyance 100ase or a skullmasher 100ase. I have 2 express firesale flama diddle 100ase,2 deluxe anarchy after phaseslam 300 weapon damage,2 binary insider 115 radiation, binary insider 100ase, spooling insider 100 after rakk. Lemme know if any of those are any good :slight_smile:


This what dude?

I have a unseen threat 100ase if u still need it

I got the Unseen Threat now.

Does anyone still have a x25 stagecoach are or for fl4k