LF x25 Stagecoach

Got tons to trade just lmk what youre looking for.

Do you have any corrosive x2 quickies ?

Yeah with 55% gyro jet damage

This is the one I have:

Works for me, my quickie doesnt have an anointment but if youre down Im online I need to make a copy of my quickie though

Its good to know there are some of these floatin around, i also have one unanointed. Now if i can get 100 ase

Lol, I just keep farming Slaughter Shaft and make sure to look at every single purple drop to make sure i’m not missing anything good.

I’m really tired of doing save-quit farming so Slaughter Shaft it is for me.

Thanks @Super_Kami_Nero for the trade !

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Same man, i can only look at earls vendor foe so long. Another way ive been farming if youre interested is the fabricator, i shoot aroind 10k eridium everytime i get it saved up

I just bought this for PC since I built myself a little gaming pc for Christmas and I can say it’s a HUGE difference in load times between PC and Xbox 1. I had no idea they got it so much better than us. No wonder they look down on us and call us Peasants.