LF x6 Globetrtr, Lightspeed 'nade, DLC6 items

I’m looking for any element/any anoint x6 Globetrtr RPG (non-Kinetic preferred) if the anointment isn’t good, that’s fine since Rerolls are a thing now.

A Non-Cryo Lightspeed grenade would be cool to have as well. Maybe a Rad Smog if possible? GTD is pretty hard for me and I don’t have a high clear rate on it so I’d rather trade for the items.

From DLC6 I’d like any of the new shields with 3 Bonuses that match
3x Amp
3x Adaptive
3x Turtle/Capacity
3x Absorb
any of the above Triplets would do. Might be too much to ask for but gotta put it out there. Triplets from previous shields (like a 3x Adaptive Madcap and such could also be interesting).

Vault Card Weapons, like an x24 4NG3L would be nice (anointed).

Finally Great Rolls on Company mans could be cool. I got a pretty good Tediore Company man and it got me pretty curious on other manufacturers .



I have a rad x6 globetrottr…
Also have x24 Guardian 4N631
Just add me :wink:

Why not a 32x Guardian?