LF X8 Fearmonger with 50 cryo annoitment

yoo salutations as the title describes looking for any element X8 Ffearmonger with 50 percent cryo annointments as i missed the event completely. if anyone would be so nice to dupe one ffor me thatd be dope thanks !

Whats up, I have a ×4 shock fearmonger with the cryo anointment, and a ×8 fire fearmonger with 25% crit damage on ASE, you’re more than welcome to both of them if you want ?

hey thanks a lot dude i appreciate it ill add you toniht whats your psn :smiley:

No problem man, i’ll be online in about 20 mins or so, psn is timmo2times I have a carrot avatar with dual pistols

just added you chief PSN is IronChinJin

Just logging on now, they should be in your mailbox in 5 mins :+1:

Just sent, Enjoy

thank you very much bro

No problem my man, now go blast some bad guys in the face real close up and personal :wink: