LF:xz41 and boom sickle.many items to trade(Update list)

1.boom sickle(corr ase100)
boom sickle(shock corr ase125 splash)
boom sickle (shock sntnl)
boom sickle(shock gamma)

2.xz41 (shock ase100)
i have

My list

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Add me on psn, same name. I have 100 ase boom sickle kinetic and sntnl bonus cryo fire boom sickle. I would like your kinetic sntnl boom sickle.

ok i add you

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Update list

I have a corrosive boom sickle with sntnl anoint as well as the shock and corrosive xz41 with sntnl cryo.

Wouldn’t mind trading for the kinetic and fire boom sickles with sntnl cryo.

PSN Ziffah-Man

OK,i add you

Hey bro,

here is the list I would like:

  • Gamma Super Shredifier
  • Shock ASE 100 Boom Sickle
  • Cryo Redline
  • Stagecoach x 25 - ASE 125

Do you think its possible?

Please add me on PSN: LHBUCH. I will be on later

ok i add you

Sorry, change Scourge(fire) to skeksil (shock sntnl)

I just saw that you have this mod(LVL 53 St4ckbot 48JakCRIT / 33AR / 11JakDMG)Can you send it to me with other items?

I have a boom sickle with 50% radiation, I’d trade for the 100% ASE

Accepted the friend req. Let me know when you are on

Any of the 100 ase boom sickles left? I have a corrosive nemesis ase 100

yes i have.what is your psn?

deathshot1234 do you have the rad one?

Also o can send ur to you in mail

yes i have rad boom ase100.i add you.

Ok I’m online now if you want to trade now

Do you have any SNTNL x6 Dictators? If not, I can give them to you, I have them in every element besides shock. I’m interested in your kinetic SNTNL Boom Sickle. My PSN is TheNimbusKid. I have other SNTNL gear as well.

i add you