Lf yellowcake 50/150

Looking for M10 yellowcake that is x2 and also has the 50/150 anoint

If you have other items to offer with good anoints let me know am open to trades

I have the flooring to offer
OPQ 8400x2 50/150
OPQ 9200x2 200% asa
Yellow cake 44k x2 200%asa
Yellow cake 40k x2 300/90
The lob 21k 100 cryo/sent
Moonfire 12k 300/90
Cutsman shock 5800 12k/s iron bear ase/125 inc
Sand hawk 8600x9 barrier/status effect 50%
All shields
Atom Balm deathless


I am sure that you know but yellow cakes with the x2 overheat in roughly 2 shots. The regular variant you can get 4-5 shots out of before overheating. I hope this helps. Thx Tom

I have the cake what atom balm u got?

I have one for health regen and luck and the other one is corrosive and fire resistance

Looking for Moonfire 12k 300/90
Have good M10 yellowcake with 300/90 and 150 rad
psn vladbagrus

I’ll add you now I’m interested in the 150 rad

My psn is Das_Nigl3t try adding me