LF yellowcake and sand hawk 50/150

I am looking for a yellowcake 50/150 and a sand hawk 50/150. I have a bunch of things to trade. Also have not found a boomsickle yet.

Xbox novicelamp70559

In my last post I listed a Yellow cake 40236 under 50% health does 150% radiation. if that works, I can send it to you.

If you still have a monarch |2357x8|after rakk gain 50 crit| , or some other monarch I would love to trade again. Let me know. thx Tom dot66 :slight_smile:

I got a bunch of monarchs. I sent you stuff today just to let you know. I will send you a list of some stuff I have.

Great, latter tonight I will sent the yellowcake. Let me know if you ever want anything else. Thx

Let me see what I have. Make sure I have something you like. Most of my drops have ■■■■ drops.


Note, I can always send a copy of a monarch back to you if you need. Just let me know.
thanks Happy gaming. :slight_smile:

I have the one I need. I do have a few good monarchs. I can’t handle anymore cartels. I just did it too much and the only Yellowcake I didn’t get was the 50/150.

Some stuff I have that is good

Pew pew that is x3 consumes only one shot 300/90. I have two. It’s one of my fav guns. Also have x4 pew pew 300/90

Pew pew x4 200 asa

Monarch cryo x4 and x8. Both anoints suck. One is 5 percent stack. The other is enemy health under 25 plus 50 damage. That is the x8

I have a Kinetic monarch that is 2357x8 after rakk attack gain 50 crit damage

X8 shock monarch with airborne crit damage.

A few monarchs x4 rad. Two have rakk annoints one has fade away annoint

I have a 125 splash cor lob also

X8 rad with slide annoint

X4 with extra rakk

Reflux with barrier annoint

Rad sand hawk 7882x9 sntnl Fire rate plus 9 reload plus 23

Rad sand hawk 8257x9 after IB increase cool down by 30 percent.

have some 50/150 opq if your into those.

Pretty sure I have a 50/150 Sander… Still looking?


Yes. I am looking for any 50/150. I got the yellowcake earlier today but not the hawk yet.

I’ll get it over there.

Edit---- in your mailbox

#1. Thanks so much for the gear.

#2. I would love to get the Kinetic monarch that is 2357x8 after rakk attack gain 50 crit damage.
Are there any artifacts or class mods you are looking for?

Also let me know if you are interested in any of these.

Boom Sickle 6088 x10 enemies under 25% health take 50% more damage

Lob 28805 shock 300% above 90% health
Lob 26672 shock consecutive hit
Lob 27935 shock cyber spike
Lob 29405 shock healing pool
Lob 31243 Cryo IB 75% incendiary
Lob 24186 Fire IB 125% incendiary
Lob 24247 Fire under 50% health does 150% radiation
Lob Corrosive Gamma Burst 115
Lob shock 100% rakk attack

Kyb’s Worth 1595 x3 Radiation consecutive hit

Cutsman 6358 fire ASE next 2 mag 50% bonus incendary
Cutsman 6358 shock Projectile speed under 50% health does 150% radiation
Cutsman 6676 corrosive Charge and Projectile speed ASA 200%

Hell shock 4387x2 charge speed ASA 200%
Hell shock 4584x2 charge speed phase cast 250%
Hell shock 5067x2 charge speed cyber spike

Gatlin Clairvoyance 8725 ASE next 2 mag 50% bonus corrosive
Iron will Clairvoyance Masher 2054x4 100% after Rakk Attack

Yellow cake 42248 ASA 200%
Yellow cake 44258 300% above 90% health
Yellow cake 44258 healing pool
Yellow cake 44258 ASE 100% weapon damage
Yellow cake 40236 ASA 75% bad arses and bosses
Yellow cake 40236 under 50% health does 150% radiation
Yellow cake 100% Rakk Attack

Hyperfocus xz41 2997 300% above 90% health
Hyperfocus xz41 2847 under 50% health does 150% radiation

Plaguebearer shock 33850 300% above 90% health

NoPewPew 2671x4 ASA 200%
NoPewPew 2537x4 ASA 75% bad arses and bosses
NoPewPew 3173x3 under 50% health does 150% radiation

OPQ 8393x2 ASA 200%
OPQ 6606x2 300% above 90% health
OPQ 9694x2 22 Mag size under 50% health does 150% radiation
OPQ 7194x2 34 Mag size & 9.0 FR under 50% health does 150% radiation

Dictator nuclear 1233x3 spawn healing pool
Dictator 1164x3 300% above 90% health

Iceburger 2673 under 50% health does 150% radiation

Projectile Recurrsion Corrosive-Fire 7410 300% above 90% health
Projectile Recurrsion Corrosive-Shock 10459 cyberspike
Projectile Recurrsion Radiation-Shock 6656x2 125% splash dam

Redistributor SNTNL Cryo

Sandhawk corrosive with ase +25% crit dmg

Kaoson kinetic consecutive hits x2
Kaoson SNTNL 100 cryo

The Reflux with the SNTNL 100 cryo

Thx Tom dot66

If anyone sees a frozen heart please message me.

Is that from Aurelia? Give me a minute.


i like your plaguebearer shock, redistributor sentinel cryo( wich element is?)

i have some stuff to trade, what u need?

It is. I am playing through the game right now so I am going to encounter her again eventually. And I will look for one then. I want to do a rakk build but feel like the stopgap with the anointment to activate Shield action is cheap.

Hahahaha!! I’m at Aurelia now, that Stop-Gap was a good find though!

I have several frozen hearts