LF Zane annointed Scourges

Any element. :slight_smile: Have much to offer.

I have a corrosive scourge 50% status effect while barrier is active. Got any Executor class mods that have 3+ points in playing dirty? Looking for ones w/ shotgun/sniper damage and Jakobs crit

Loads with +3 Playing Dirty, probably one with similar rolls for sure Jakobs crit

Word, I got a few with +3 and Jakobs crit but I can’t find any with crit/shotgun damage, can you check when you get a chance? Ill trade ya the scourge plus a thing or two more for it if you have one with crit/shotgun dmg, if you don’t I don’t mind hooking you up. GT is: Whos a b0ss

Have any re-routers?

I have two, a shock and no element with 120% splash damage for moze.

I’m looking for any of these in return.

Flesh melter otto - ASE dmg, Corr dmg, (any)
Ice breaker otto - cryo efficiency, 40% mag size, (any)
Cutpurse Loaded Dice - health regen
EM-P5 ASE 100% dmg, 100% rakk dmg
Everblast++ ASE 125% splash dmg (not corrosive)
Bangstick ×18 ASE 100% dmg (Epic)
Potent quickie x2 - 125% splash dmg
Redistribtor - ASE 100% dmg, 100% rakk dmg
Recurring Hex (cryo) 50% cryo dmg

A few but none are anointed