LF zane anointed SNTL 50% cryo weps and some purple stuff! lot of interesting anointed to trade!

As title, that’s what im searching with 50% cryo SNTL (updating in future if need something more or different):

UPDATE 23/10/2019

-fire and shock dictator
-purple agent mod/cold warrior with best Synchronicity on it and perks like 25% wep dmg + dahl/jacobs/vladof crit dmg
-anointed purple/leg shield with 15% mov speed with SNTL , <3 sec recharge delay and very fast recharge time with 10% mov.speed when shield is full.
-ice breaker victory rush with cryo dmg, possibily with 8% mov speed also.

I have tons of stuff to trade for these items. These are only the more interesting, but i have dones of non anointed weapons. Feel free to ask to translate for you if you don’t understand my language.

UPDATE 24/10/2019
Got some lucians call with SNTL 50% and night hawking with SNTL 50% and can trade those.



interested with your ice breaker wictory rush relic.

nice! gimme your id and i will add you

Do you have any other anointed Lucians Calls?

yo! im not interested in that face puncher, ty!

id like to have that reccuring cryo…idk if i have anytihg ur after…


hi there, any chance we can trade your maggie and your lucians call? i dont know if i have anything that you´re after

Anyone that got some sntl cryo weapons that mind copying their saves and duplicate the items?

I have a pretty good non annointed Band of sitorak if anyone wants