LF Zane Class Mods - Lots to trade

I am seeking both Infiltrator & Executor Class Mods with the following:
Weapon Dam, Crit, Firerate
Weapon Dam, Crit, Grenade Dam
any 45% crit Tediore with any of the above

Also any Maggies or Shredifiers or Lucians or Sploders or Cutsmans with 50% Cyro during SNTL

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Oh, lost son is back. Nice to see you also here on Forum again. Have most of what you’re looking for

I got a couple of executors in storage but no idea boosts, if I got the right ones I’ll send across

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Thx man. Yes I am back now trying the mh4

Do you happen to have the Maggie with cryo while sntl is active? I would love to get my dirty little hands on that. Lol what you after?

No Bro, that is the one i am asking for, i have the 125% ASE and the next 2 mags are cryo, but not the SNTL one

Sorry none of my Zane coms had the right stat boosts, if anything drops I’ll send.

Looking for any class mods ZANE Preferable Executor and Infiltrator with following Specs
Fire Rate
Grenade Dam
Weapon Dam
Crit %
Movement speed
Tediore and/or Shotgun Dam

Maggies and any weapons with the STNL 50% Cryo

Gt - xCaliburxxx