LF Zane cryo anoint gear lvl 53+

Trying to hook my dad up with the cryo dmg build for Zane. Looking for the usual, redistributor, maggie, mod, and artifact.He defines a casual player so 53 gear will be fine unless you have spares higher. Willing to trade but I don’t play M10 so let me know what your hunting. GT: yipikiya.

Are you still looking for this gear? I can send some loot over…

I am, would be much appreciated. You looking for anything in particular?

I’m good for now thanks! I’ve only play Zane, so I should have some good stuff to send your way…have fun with your dad, that’s cool you guys are playing! I get on in a hour or two and send some stuff your way.

You’re awesome! Thank you. He doesn’t know im doing this, it’s a little portion of Father’s Day. I’ll let him know you helped.

Sorry to disappoint, I really thought I had more…if your pops gets to level 57 hit me up and I can hook your dad up.

Oh he’s hit 57, thats why im asking since he doesnt have much to use and i dont have spares right now. I got his skills set and a grenade and shield. He’s in his mid 70’s and only hang around M4 or 5 so that why i call him a big casual lol. I appreciate your help a lot!

P.S. you didnt dissapoint at all.

Do you want a Rad lob 23361 damage SNTNL gain 100 cryo? It is level 57 m10

Yes that would be awesome! TY,TY!!


AWESOME! Hit me up if your hunting anything.

Sent over some more loot, will send more when the mail limit resets…hope it’s not to late!

Man your awesome, thank you!

Sent some more stuff, there is a sweet kaeson in there you might want to keep for yourself! Also do you think your pops might want some lobs and cutsman? xNOT2DAYx

Fantastic! Always could use those and actually I need a few myself but he’s priority. Except the kaoson lol.

Sending that stuff now, sorry for the delay!

Man your good. Appreciate the charity.