LF Zane exclusive options to handle Annointed enemies

My load out I’ve settled on now(CCC build with DFC and DonnyBrooks) is running:

Lucians Call (Cryo w Cryo Sntl)

Dastardly Mags(w Crit on Barrier)

Redistributer(Rad w Cryo Sntl)

Hellwalker(w Cryo Sntl)

I though Hellwalker would be up to the task for taking care of annointed but I’m still struggling. I’m constantly hitting crits(literally burying the barrel in their little purple throat).

Barring something like landing more crits, is there anything gear wise that I’m missing as a newer Zane players?

I’m running Executor with 2 in GM and 3 in PD.

Annointeds are stupid all around. For Zane, I found them personally easy because of the chain-zane build but other than that, an idea could be the ion cannon from the dlc.

I’m coming from Moze as my main character. She melts annointed no problem with all of her built in Incendiary damage and bonuses.

The Maggie should do fine tbh but otherwise maybe a Dictator. Get in their face with bi-pod mode and ADS.


Oops, I recalled the wrong annintmentnib Maggie. The one I have now is Cryo on Sntl-I need to farm for the ACC/Crit on Barrier. That would prolly wind up being a better annointed.

Have you tried the +damage on consecutive hits annoint? I wonder how it fades compared to Crit? I imagine Crit being better since the damage is only 1% and seems to clear stacks frequently (reloading, inventory, etc).

The redistributor and your Lucian’s call (I use a barrier crit Rowan’s) can make easy work of the anointed tinks and zealots when they troll you with teleport spamming just shooting the enemies around them and making them chase you you’ll get them eventually.

The militants holding their shield up are pretty easy to take out with a scourge or proturbelance, yet again another spot the redistributor shines.

CCC makes easy work of the psychos since it keeps them slowed and I don’t think many Zanes have issues dancing around the goon and goliath.

Tbh I haven’t seen alot of people using the craps pistol which can do amazing damage to anointed and badass enemies in sticky mode.


Maggie/Craps are my go to both mentioned already.

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Yes sah! Now we’re cooking with bacon grease! I found a x6 Dictator(non-ele) w 70% Crit damage on Barrier that is just ridiculous on certain mobs. It’s definitely a tool for particular jobs but when it gets used it does serious twerkin & werkin.

I have to admit that at first, with Zane, I was simply making play mistakes. I’ve started using a couple different strategies that have been really successful in laying them to waste. Mainly making sure kill skills are procced(Sync & Donny for sure); also if there are larger crowds of lesser mooks mixed in w Annointed mobs, I’ll break out the Redistributer and chain everything around and then, after kill skills are running, a few well placed Maggie crits do a damned fine job of finishing em off.

It’s just different coming from splash Moze(Moze has fee kill skills)to a Jakobs using Zane. I was a Krieg main in BL2 and Brick in BL1 w Clappy in Pre-Sequel, so being super keen on Jacobs crittin’ power is all new to me and loads of fun now that I’m dialing my aim in better.

I’m running a CCC build with DFC and Donny and using a Rabble Rouser com. I saw the new com for Zane and before I go easy mode I wanna taste of the struggle to make him work without it. Really just to get to know the character better. I’ll try it soon though.

I’ve always been a Torgue guy but damn those Jakobs crits are mighty powerful.

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I use a Fire Linoge with STNL Cryo…aim for the head while moving and it does the job.

If you can find one, a fire Craps with STNL anointment might work too…Ive never found one tho

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