LF Zane Executor mod with Pistol Dam, Jackob Crit, Weapon dam, etc

Just looking for an exector mod with Pistal Dam, Jackob Crit, Weapon Dam, etc.

Basically a mod utilizing for my maggie build with zane. Would love the legendary class mod if you have it.

I got tons of legendaries so just let me know! thanks!

Still need one?

I have 25% Weapon Damage/31%Pistol damage/45% Jacobs crit damage
+4 good misfortune
+1 playing dirty

Yes still need one.Is it a reg class mod or legendary? Anything particular you need? I’ve got some Seein Dead’s from the new DLC if you need some of them.

ofcourse its legendary.

You have weapons with the zane STNL annointment?

I’ll check when I get home in about an hour. I do believe so :slight_smile:

All I got as far as STNL active is a Ruby Wrath and Annexxed Jericho. I do have some barrier active guns and ASE ones too.

I will just give you the Mod for free, message me

Oh okay! Thanks dude :slight_smile: