LF Zane gear anointed with cryo while SNTNL is active

I’ve got a lot of good Zane stuff to trade I’m mainly looking for a Maggie, the fire and electric cuts man and the fire and electric redistributed’ and a corrosive dictator

Here are some of the items to I have trade with

What would you like for that cryo lucians call with SNTNL anoint?

Hello, I’m interested in the fire lucians with sntl, the corrosive lucians with sntl and the night hawkin with sntl, I have the Maggie with barrier anoint and sntl anoint as well as the cutsmans your looking for.

I’ll trade you the fire and shock redistributor for the cryo lucians and cryo redistributor.

I have everything you’re looking for. Let me know which ones you still need

Hey sorry guys just got out of work I’m down to trade if anyone is still on

I think we’re in very different time zones. If you’re available I can trade.

I’m free right now if you have a game inv

Absolutely what is your GT

Gamer tag is irishking 436

Just added you

I can mail you the items or invite you

I just joined on you sorry

Trade you the shock and fire redistributor, for the cryo lucians and cryo redistrib

Thanks for the trade dude

Thank you kindly!