LF: Zane Gear (Only trading lvl 53) Have spreadsheet

LF these guns with SNTNL 100% Cryo Damage:

• Craps (Radiation)
• Autoaime (Incendiary)
• The Dictator X6 (Shock, cryo)
• ION Cannon (Radiation , Cryo)
• Crossroad (Shock)
• Ember’s Purge

Also looking for a Seein Dead with smg/wpn/hyperion crit/dmg


Have spreadsheet (updates daily):


I sent you a couple of things

I have a cryo lucians and 7 but no sight on the 7. Add me same name.

Thank you mate! Need anything in return?

No but I accept all donations:)

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Thanks for trading :smiley:


Messaged you on PSN with stuff

are you by any chance one of the original Evil Clan from back in Dreamcast days?
if so,im Evil Agent,original member number 7
always looking for the old crew.

if not,hey,cool handle and i have a ton of stuff for zane
hmu EvilAg3nttttman

No, i’m not… Sending a fr and get back at you later tonight after work and stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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Updated wanted list and have list.

Got a x2 ion cannon(kinetic), x1 recursion(corrosive and rad), and a x2 emp5, all sntnl and lvl 53. im interested in your sntnl cryo/corro destructo spinner, and your fire sntnl linoge

It’s a deal! I send them over after dinner :slightly_smiling_face:


I see someone offers most stuff I have also. I got all the redistributors, I got recursions I think a shock rowans call. I’m interested in your stnl Linoge and stnl craps, 100% craps and both lucky 7, laser sploder stnl , kybs gamma burst,

Got all guns you offer. Do you anything else? Also looking for stuff to my future moze build if you got anything.

I got this. I don’t have moze stuff. I als have recursions. Do you still want those? I got some nice faisors, a zheitsev. I got more but need to check

Just got an emp5 and recursions. What faisors u got? And what zheitsev?

Zheitsev is stnl I also got the redistributors

The corrosive faisor looks good. Whats the mag size on the redistributors?

Send you a fr.