LF Zane gear with SNTNL cryo

I’m looking mainly for a seeing dead class mod with at least 3 into Donnybrook with smg and weapon dmg on it

I’m also looking for all elements of the ion cannon anointed with cryo while SNTNL is active

I’m also looking for a Brian stormer with cryo while SNTNL is active and a transformer with movement speed while SNTNL is active.

Here are the items I have
(All the items I’m mention below are anointed with cryo while SNTNL is active )

All elements for redistributer
All elements for the cuts man
All elements for the lucians call
Artic tamed nighthawk
Dastardly Maggie
Pestilential the dictator (x6 shot)


![image|375x500] (upload://dhhXGcL1G9xzxakMZuASnRbFW8Z.jpeg) 2ptE.jpeg)

Bump, I know someone wants to trade lol

I’m pretty certain I have the seein dead your looking for, I also have a ion cannon with the sntl anoint but it’s not a x2 if that matters. I do have the brainstormer with sntl as well. I’m interested in the 2 rechargers and the ice breaker victory rush. I will send you pics of the items later today and you can decide if you want them.

sorry the class mods aren’t exactly what your looking for

No those are good enough for me thanks are you on right now?

I can also mail it to you

Hey bud, sorry I just got your msg. I can try to send them through the mail when I get a chance what’s your gt? Did you need both the class mods? And did you want the ion cannon as well?

Just the brain stormer and the ion cannon I can give you the 3 items still I don’t need the other class mod

I just want the mod with the crit and smg dmg

My gamer tag is irishking 436 what’s your I’ll just send them to you in the mail as well

Sorry bud I don’t know why it’s not giving me updates on the post. My gt is Ye olde wolf

That’s the rowdy seein dead you want correct.

Yeah I might have a build for it

I can mail them to you in a little bit just eating dinner

Just sent all 3 items

Thanks bud, just sent ya the brainstormer and the class mod, I will send the ion cannon your way after work today

Okay np thank you!!!

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Sent your way bud

thanks dude!!