Lf Zane heavy weapons mods

thanks to my game crashing for the billionth time,ive lost the best mod i had.
need a seeing dead zane mod:
heavy weapons Damage
weapons damage
splash damage
zane mod with 30% attributes on all 3 of them.

yes,this Was my god mod,until last nite…thanks gearbox.
i love farming for months only to have my stuff lost because your game keeps crashing…
anyways,seeing as it doesnt seem to be getting fixed anytime soon.

i have many many mods and artifacts and weapons if you are in need and want to do some trading.
again,im looking for a Specific built zane mod.
heres a glimpse of artifacts in bank.,i have about 11 mules as well.

yes,i have redistributors,maggies,ion cannons,lucians calls,dictators etc etc etc x a billion.
looking for good people on the psn.
would appreciate any help finding a replacement for my mod.