LF Zane items. ( seeing dead mod)

Looking for a couple of things for Zane.

Preferably like to find a good rolled mod with most points into donnybrooks.

Looking for a good band of stiroak with movement speed.

Looking for a good snow drift victory rush artifact.

PM: for items up for trade let me know what you need. I have plenty of amara moze and flak stuff.


@sunao93 what you looking for

LF:ion cannon(Corro)x2:30% damage when flying

Is that the only thing your looking for I haven’t farmed for the ion cannons yet

I’ve got two snow drift victory rush
One has max health reload speed and shock damage

The other has incindiary/cryo resist and reload speed

All man I already got one sent to me but if you have any Zane or flak annoimented stuff I’d be down to trade for stuff to you looking for anything? Looking for gamma burst stuff for flak

I don’t have too much Zane stuff I haven’t played him yet

Would happen to have anything good for moze?

Nah pretty much all flak stuff

You have any good gamma burst stuff?