LF Zane Legendary Class Mod

In desperate need of a Legendary Class Mod for Zane that has Jakobs weapons dmg+% specific.

Have plenty to trade, let me know what you need!


yeah finding zane mods is tricky it seems I have few myself but have to check perks if any have that as don’t look for those perks myself in a zane mod as I look for all around gun damage perks, ammo and cooldown myself

I have an executor with 45% jakobs crit. Only has a +1 or +2 in playing dirty though

I hear ya man. Trying to run a cross between cryo build and speed build. Class mod last I need

That’s exactly what I need!! What are you willing to trade for? Or looking for weapon wise?

I could use a Fearmonger in either Cryo or Rad if you have either

I dont unfortunately, that’s the new shotgun from the halloween event yeah? I have flakker and butchers of all sorts

Tell ya what, I would be willing send you the Jakobs executor, if you keep me in mind should you happen to pick up a fearmonger in either cryo or rad. PM me your username. I may not be able to get it sent out until tomorrow though

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PM sent!

I got fearmonger in rad and cyro, by chance got run-and-gun shield , decent icebreaker victory rush or de4deye fl4k mod with 2 all around gun perks and elemental damage ?

I have two spare De4deye’s, both +3 Two Fang, +2 Go for the Eyes
One is:

AR Damage
Torgue Reload
Grenade Damage

and the other is:
Splash Damage
General Damage
General Fire Rate

No Ice Breaker Victory Rushes, but I do have an Ice Breaker Moxxi’s endowment

general damage ?

General Gun Damage, not type or manufacturer specific

might have interest in general damage and fire rate one with splash maybe (as its to help out friend) silentrabbit003 is my psn add me on there and we can sort it out :slight_smile: as I admit my wants are lot more akward

I took a look at your want list. I have a crimson band of sitorak, but it’s a tactician as opposed to the gun an run. Just sent you the request.