LF Zane new mod with 25 percent damage Or flakk

I have the rowdy seein dead mod with +25 weapon damage, +10 Dahl weapon damage, +20 shock resistance.

I’m looking for redistributors.

I have it

I got a Flak with +25% damage, got any ASE cutsman shock or corrosive, ASE redistributior any elements or clone swap or sntnl annointed radiation weapons or Maggie Zane same Zane annoint?

Or a atom balm relic with +1666 shield, not deathless or loaded dice

AZZBlood4Fun gt I’m on now

I’m interested let’s make a deal

What have you got from above? I’m happy with any of those items, I can send when I’m home from work.

Sounds good, I’m in Australia so sometimes times are hard but I’m off Sunday (USA Saturday) so if you can wait till then can def do in game. I got an electric banjo I saw you were looking for too if you want

How long till your home today , and don’t worry whenever you see me on I got you dude
What’s you GT

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I can send you some stuff right now

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GT is Stray2615, I’ll hit you back after work. Anything else you’re searching for?

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Recursion x2 w 100 ase / anointed Rico shield

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None of my recursion are annointed and 1st 2 Rico’s aren’t, but I’m doing my Flak run now maybe he’ll get Rico annoint lol.

Haha alright bro lol hopefully that would be unreal

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3rd time lucky they say lol.

Ya hopefully I’ve done it twice now I may retire after that

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Sending now

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Awesome thanks I’ll get you back in a few hours

I just got gotta do the rest in game

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Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not welcome on this forum. Please read the forum rules before posting again. Thanks.