LF Zane Seeing dead mods with smg damage

Maggie w/ SNTNL Cryo
Maggie w/ ASE 100% wep dmg
Scourge w/SNTNL Cryo
The Flood w/SNTNL Cryo
Kyb’s Worth w/Iron bear 125% Incendiary damage
Popular Bitch w/ gamma burst 115% rad damage
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun w/ gamma burst 115% rad damage
Shocking Feral AutoAimè w/ iron bear 125% incendiary damage
Vicious Lyuda (non elemental) w/ gamma burst 115% rad damage

Have updated list now

ill swap you smg zane mods for Cutpurse Ammo artifacts.
lmk if you have any of those and the variants please and ty.

one of these for the Gatlin gun gamma busrt?

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thats a great smg mod man.
do you perchance have any with the Heavy weapons and splash damage?

I’m sorry but none with heavy

heres a few good ones i have,including the one i run on my zane now.
that particular one works great with the Redistributor.

(upload://oe25LV0bUzNRg1kYDYWdF4PfPZ2.jpeg) ![069|690x387]

That 2nd mod please @Ice-T

my psn is Ice-T411, hit me up when you’re ready