LF Zane SNTL 100% Cryo Weapons

I’ve got a recently leveled Zane that I’m trying to outfit for a Cryo build. I haven’t had a lot of luck trying to farm. I’m looking for weapons with the SNTL 100% cryo damage anoint. I’m mostly looking for a Maggie, Night Hawkin and Star Helix but am open to others.

I’ve got a lot of Amara items and some other items also. Just let me know what you’ve got and what you’re looking for. Cheers!

Instead of making another post can I just say that I’m also looking for a redistributor (preferably radiation or fire) with SNTL cryo.

I have Amara ASE, Flak gamma and other Zane, moze stuff to trade.

[Edit] Thanks lol. Obviously all offers go to OP first

You’re welcome to share my post, although I’d love to have a Redistributor with SNTL cryo also. :laughing:

I have a redistributior with 100% cryo sntl I think its corrosive though,a maggie with 100% cryo sntl and nukem with 100% cryo sntl,I’ll trade them for some good flak stuff. I have other cryo sntl stuff too

Mainly looking for a boom sickle with 100% weapon damage ase

The only Boom Sickles I have are kinetic with bad anoints. I’ve farmed the Warden for many hours and he just won’t drop one. Anything else that you’d be willing to take for the Maggie?

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Same. Dont worry u can have it for nothing, whats your gamertag?

Thanks! I really appreciate that. My GT is sixpackstl.

I’ve got a lot of items although not a lot of flak since I haven’t leveled him up yet. I’m sure that I can send something your way. I can also watch for drops if I know what to look for. I’m not even sure what the great anoints are for flak. :grin:

SNTL 100% cryo items have been hard to come by. Not many of them dropping for me.

I’ve got the following items with flak anoints:

Hostile Hyperfocus XZ41 - Incendiary - Rakk Attack! 100% damage
Stark Krakatoa - Incendiary - Gamma Burst 115% bonus radiation dmg
Binary Stark Cutsman - Incendiary - Gamma Burst 115% bonus radiation dmg
Lucian’s Call - Incendiary - Rakk Attack! 100% dmg
Rowen’s Call - Shock - Rakk Attack! 100% dmg
Abundant Expert Trevonator - Incendiary - Rakk Attack! 100% dmg
Abundant Projectile Recursion - Radiation - Gamma Burst 115% bonus radiation dmg
The Lob - Shock - Gamma Burst 115% radiation dmg
Sublime Storm - Shock - Gamma Burst 115% radiation dmg

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these.

FYI Billy the anointed drops the sickle pretty regular.

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I didn’t know that. Does he drop Boom Sickles? I can get Sickles from the Warden but he just isn’t dropping Boom Sickles any more for me. Billy is kind of a PITA to kill so I’m only going to farm him if I have to. :laughing:

Oh yeah! Every prefix. Was trying for a raging bear mod and saw them and Sprinkler’s by the dozen.


Can I grab that hyper focus with 100% rakk. I’ll send the Maggie now dude

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Sent dude :smiley:

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Sure thing. I’ll send it when I get on later. Gotta work for now.

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Thanks man!

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I jumped on to send the Hyperfocus to you. Got the Maggie & Flakker. Thanks again!

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Thanks dude and no worries lemme know if u need anything else :slight_smile:

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Would you be interested in a Crossroads with 115% Gamma for a SNTL cryo redistributor?

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Yeah sounds good to me

I’ll send over the redistributior when I get on in the morning dude :slight_smile:

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