LF Zane SNTNL/Barrier Annointed Gear, Ice Breaker Artifact, Transformer w/ Decent Annointment

Looking for good weapons with the +50% damage as Cryo while SNTNL is active (Cryo) OR +60% Accuracy/+30% Crit Damage while Barrier is active (any other element) annointments for Operative.

Also need an Ice Breaker artifact (any but Deathless could do), preferably with some combination of Cryo damage, Cryo efficiency, and any generally good stats.

Lastly, a Transformer with a decent annointment. +15% movement speed while SNTNL is active would be a good one, but it can also be a good general one (except for any that are on Action Skill end).

Have lots of Annointed and just generally good gear to trade.


I’ve got a Binary Mocking Cutsman with shock element with the +60% Accuracy/+30% Crit Damage while Barrier is active annointment if you’re interested.

I’m mainly looking for a Red Fang - ANY Red Fang, or weapons with the Gamma Burst annointment.

Are you interested in any of these?

  • Handsome jackhammer (SNTNL active. Fr 9% and reload speed 23%)
  • Double Penetrating devastator ( Barrier active, access and crit dmg 60/30)
  • Dangerous trevonator (SNTNL, 50% of dmg as bonus cyro)

I have an anointed transformer w the 20% action skill cooldown upon end

What are the elements on that Trevonator?

Sorry that is the Transformer I have right now.

Corrosive then 2mag is cryo

Sorry need 50% bonus damage as Cryo while SNTNL is active

Whoops that’s what I meant lol

Oh okay. Doesn’t it have 2 elements?

Oh duh, it’s corrosive and cryo with the annointed bonus cryo

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Hmm alright. What are you looking for?

Cash infused or redundant brain stormer with 2 mag anointment. Crossroad gamma burst. Decent phasezerker mod. Red suit

I have your Redundant Brainstormer with 2 mags of rad damage. PSN Ace_Bower