Lf Zane Weapons

Dictator with SNTNL cryo anoint
Brainstormer with SNTNL cryo anoint
Rowns Call or Lucians Call with SNTNL cryo anoint
Cutsman all elements with any Zane anoint

I have a corrosive dictator, cryo lucians, and the brainstormer if your still looking…also have some other good Zane loot…

That s fine, I will mail you the rifles…if you happen to come across a corrosive lyuda or any shreddifiers …you can throw some my way.


i think i have a shreddifier ill send to you when i get home Gt ko1dkilljr

Items sent…


You still looking for a seeing dead mod?

yeah do you have one

I have a couple I can send your way…they are not the best rolls, but you can check em out…all should have at least 3 in db.

perfect thank you are you sure all you want is the shreddifier if i have one i have lots of weapons

np…if I think of something, I will hit you up…