LF Zayne level 50 legendary Executor class mod

I don’t care what stats it has etc etc I just want one. I have a whole bank full of level 50 legendaries so I’m sure there is something you’ll like, lets get in game and trade.

IGN trikiasso

I have one to trade IGN iLoujitsu

Friend request sent.

i have executor class mods with decent bonusses on them do you have one of these:

  • Cryo lucians call (annointed to zane) or fire lucians call( with bonus cryo damage annointment).
  • ice breaker victory rush relic with +mag size.
  • Rough rider shield with sntnl active %15 movespeed annointment to zane.
  • Radiation Rowans call with ( bonus rad. damage while gamma burst active)
  • Fire lyuda with 20+ mag size and double penetrating.(annexed molten lyuda)

I traded for the mod I needed, but thanks.