[LFG] Alani "Lifeguards" Lore

Looking to get a group together for this evening to do Alani’s “Lifeguards Have Given Up” lore challenge. I figure if we can get a full party of 5 and drop into Bots Battle, one or two incursion games should do the trick if we hold the centre choke point. There should also be room for at least two Alanis in the team comp.

Anyone up for this - @jicdarigan, @Genericktag, anybody? I plan to be on this evening by 7 pm eastern daylight time. GT: Alkymist96. Will gladly trade lore challenge assistance for lore challenge assistance!

I can highly recommend doing this in Heliophage. I don’t know whether this has changed since I did it (I don’t think that’s the case), but the Mellka & Deande AI counts as Battleborn. Then you don’t need a full party and everyone who needs it can be Alani.

If I remember correctly deployable suck as Earnest egg also counts. If I’m wrong plz correct me as I try to block out the dark days of getting that particular lore done

A bit early in the day to promise anything but that is my usual play time, I should be on and will gladly help.

Sorry I’m still going to be at work at that point. Good luck though!

I’ll be on tonight. Hit me up.

#Mission Accomplished!



Can anyone confirm this about the deployables? If that is correct then two people playing on the heliophage can farm this in one go. (Player 1 + Player 2 + Deployable + Mellka + Deande)

Possible deployables that could work? Ernest’s Eggs? Ambra’s Sunspots? Kleese’s shield gens? Kid Ultra’s Drones (or would you need that upgrade that makes them stay put?)? Any others?

It was really hard to tell. We did try it with Earnest + Egg, and when we did that I got about 7 or 8 in a single game. After that, though, the success rate dropped dramatically. Part of the problem is that the wave seems to be subject to the same terrain glitches as everything else in the game - stairs, ramps, and steps can stop it completely. And part is that it just seems glitchy as all get out as to whether it connects with enough characters or not.

The reason I didn’t try Heliophage is because you only have a limited time with Deande and Mellka, then you’d need to quit and restart. Personally, I’d rather just keep playing.

Camping out at an enemy spawn in capture was ok, and holding the choke point in incursion also worked fairly well, as did the final sentry choke point on Incursion (Echelon not so much).

Thanks for the info.

If deployables count then this would literally be a gamechanger for me. I don’t have PS+ and only play split-screen (yes, I harp on this like ALL the time). If a deployable counted then this would instantly go from completely unacheivable to something that I can do.

Makes me wonder if purchaseable drones would work as well… It would be harder since they float around randomly.