LFG Battleborn competitive team (PLEASE READ)

So I’ve had trouble finding a good couple of players or a team for this game. I’ve posted on here before a few times looking for people to play with but now I’m looking for a solid team. Used to play CoD competitively and made almost a grand in earnings(I have proof if you are curious). I know what it takes to win and build a team, just need to find the right guys to do it. If you’re recruiting or want to compete in future tournaments for money, gear, sponsorships, etc hit me up. I’ll play whoever, but best with Miko, Reyna, Marquis, and El Dragón.

HIT ME UP ON EITHER XBOX ONE (GT-Ghutsy) or Twitter @Ghutsy. I put this in caps lock just because my email gives me late notifications and I want to respond ASAP to people with serious team offers. Let me know if you need one, or if you know a team that needs one, thanks.