LFG Battleborn XBOX ONE Thread

post your LFG (looking for group) request here on this thread, or post your own info so people can contact you for group ups, and build a solid list of friends for BB group play

Gamer Tag: T00ncesTheCat
message me for invite

Got ya moved to the X1 co-op category.

Good luck and have fun!

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gt: Alpacadude01
anyone feel free to add me and invite me to a game

Streamer here, always looking for new players to play with

Hey there! Add me people! Gt: The Dope Knight

I’ll shoot you guys a message here in a sec

i’m also looking for players to join in co-op. Screenname : GodzillaBiotech

GT: Buk0wski77 w/mic. Any game mode. Anyone who sees this feel free to add.

Looking for a party for Advanced Co-op. Gamertag Kuroi Wolf - just hit me up and I would be happy to join. I also have a mic :sunglasses:

GT: Psych Guru

Looking for any co-op games. Send me an invite! :slight_smile:

GT: Mi11ertime99 have mic. Will play any mode just add me and send me a message when you want to play.

GT: Bang8iscuit

Looking for more people to group up with and play any mode, prefer versus or advanced story. Add me and hit me up anytime I’m on.

Lfg trying to run the archive trying to get kleese need silver
Gamertag: Hombre25
message me

LFG for advanced heliophage, I want to unlock deande, gt bonitaapplebum5

bump thread still looking for 2

Add me @AvengedHero97

G’day, Aussie here struggling with advanced Saboteur and Heliophage.

Gamertag is xARDxBull

Xbox One
I’ll play PvP or Co-op or whatever :slight_smile:
With mic please.

Anyone can add me! I play pvp and pve and know multiple roles and have a Mic! GT: DrRagingTesticl

Add me guys looking for people to play with. lLone WandererI (GT starts with lower case “L” and ends with uppercase “i”)

Add me GT: Inspective