LFG Dedicated Maliwan Takedown Thread

It feels like this is lacking, and honestly would be really nice to have, I’ve asked around in a few places if there is a thread for this already, and haven’t gotten much of a response. So for this thread, just drop your GT and when you’re looking to do the takedown. If you’re looking for a group right away put that as well, re-post as needed freely. If this thread keeps going that would be really nice and convenient for those of us without a regular group to do raids.

GT: Tenebrouswulf, feel free to add me, I’m working all weekdays from 11:30am-8:30pm mst basically. But usually play later in the night when I’m off work.


SC00BYDoobie 47. I’m on a lot. Hard to give specific times but evening/night CST.

The Os in Scooby are zeros.