Lfg for some OP lvls

Got two charakter wich I’d like to have on OP 8

Mechromancer lvl 72 OP 0

Syren lvl 72 OP 6

If you wanna join me or help me, feel free to and me on xbox live
RCCA II Kahuna

im a level 72 krieg op0 my gt is prof ganj. my mic is broken but you can skype me or somethign

my gt if prof ganj 72 op 0 krieg

Hey man. I got OP3 Commando (working towards OP4) and would appreciate the help? We could work through on my game with ya siren up to 8 then get the others up? GT jack180120

Im OP 8 Gunzerker willing to help

Iz be willing to help. I dont do standard power leveling FYI but ill burn you through OP 8 if I have the time and not busy. Send me a party inv or message me… or both

Oh… only stipulation… must have a mic. Otherwise I get to bored