LFG HandsomeCollection friends

Hello. As we all know the matchmaking is bugged so I was hoping to find some friends to play with here. I’ve completed BL2 and would like to continue playing with friends. My GT Is “METHematics ftw” feel free to message me.

What is your level and if u need me my gt is merciful kross and i need some friends to plat with

In about to start TVHM in BL2. I believe im a 36 at the moment. I’ve just been playing through it casually since I was playing alone.

Do you guys have Norfleet by chance

I do

I can run you throught the campaign if u want

I do gt?

What do you want for the norfleet

If you do message me DracticArtist7

looking for people to play with as well,i’ve got a lvl 54 siren msg gt - daniel b553

Gamer tag is Groovyherb so feel free to add me just send a msg that you did and I’ll add you back l really wanna finish the pre sequels story today , need help on that for sure only lvl 16

Add my GT BslimkjXBOWBOW . Level 26 Siren looking for people to play with as well.

Got a party of two here gonna play through tonight on the pre sequel , add me up Groovyherb is the gamer tag just msg me and we will get you in here