LFG on PC for skilled casual play

LF some friends on PC who are looking for some casual competitive play. Looking for people who are skilled enough to hold their own and don’t need to be carried. Looking for people who are nice and helpful not people who point fingers or think they’re Gods gift to BB. My steam name is HammerxofxLight if anyone is interested. No need for a mic.

I added you- steamid Rektarr

Would this be of any interest?

Maybe, I have a family and don’t wanna be tied down to “play times” Just looking to pad my friends list with skilled players who wanna play for the team

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Will add you later this evening as we always looking for more people to run groups with. There are no schedules etc; just hop on, group up, and enjoy~

steam id: zephna (without an i) | alias: :diamonds:TBT​:diamonds: Succubus Z

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This clan doesn’t force you to anything. There’s people who have families in the clan, from member to leader. All that’s required is for you to visit the forums once in two months. Our rosters are filled with all sorts of gamers from all skill levels and walks of life. Casuals and hardcores, all united by the same passion: Games.

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Hey Hammerxofxlight, if you are looking for Co-op and you’re in North America play look up the group “Battleborn CO-OP MontanasClub”.

I’ve added you on Steam under Hankster.

Cool thx

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Add me up too! Freakyfred911 is my steam ID!

Feel free to add me, I’d love to get some advanced progress done on story mode.
Steam ID = paxtus88

Add me on steam if anyone is looking for an extra
ID = FunktionFails

My ID is HKsai

on Steam

highly prefer PVE advanced hardcore groups of 2-4

Steam ID : Tahmores

see u soon @Velrik

Tolfdir (like the Mage in Skyrim) on Stream. Friend request sent. My situation fits exactly in your description. I enjoy gaming a lot, but I have family, obligations, and other hobbies. Thus my times for play vary a lot. I am looking for people to play with, have fun, and try my best without turning this into a job.

Anyone looking for fun play, free to add me.

Tolfdir on Steam

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