LFG - PS4 Borderlands 2 (Europe)

Hey guys n galz.

I’m starting to play again having had a break, so i’m looking for others in the Europe side to play with.

I’ve easily played around 2000hrs, and previously on PS3 had all classes, a few OP8, and have had and used every weapon known to Pandora. I’ve gone Platinum twice and have made my own B2 guides.

Basically I love playing through the game and dlc, with group farming more on bosses and Vermiverous. So i’m looking for others who are just playing the game, LEGITAMATELY and have mics.

I started from scratch on the PS4, so currently have lvl72 Maya, lvl50 Gaige, lvl30 Sal, and others from 10-30. I’ve reset my Siren and just completed the main game, so still need to do all dlc again, and ready to run TVHM with Sal, and I think UVHM with Gaige.

Not interested in power levelling, duping, or anyone who cheats and uses modded stuff.

Anyone looking for fun and chaos, please say hello below :smile:

I’m in California, but I’d love to try to join up. Play regularly, have mic and like playing the same way. Most of my chars are op8 but I have a few in the high 50s and low 60s… and maybe one in the 30s.

seem to remember your moniker from a ways back…


Can i join you, even if i dont have a mic? i had over 900 hours on pc on BL2 and had maya and gaige on op8 and axton and zero on level 61 / 67. Now i try to get to Level 72 with maya on ps4 :slight_smile:

Can honestly say mics only. To me this is a social game, and I like talking to people whilst playing, same as most other games. How come you dont’ have a mic?

@Chitsa - The problem is your 8hrs behind us, and I’ve always found it hard playing with people in the US, because of the time difference, and bad lag. If you play early we may be able to do some things, but I’m also unlikely to go past 72 for some time and OP8 characters are just way to OP.

Hey I’m getting a mic at Christmas, I love playing borderlands 2 only just got it on ps4 though so only have one character at level 18 but add me and I’ll play when I get a mic, I live in the uk and play when ever I can

Psn is idlephantom

Cool, will send a request in a bit. What you should do is find out where the mic is, un-wrap it, take the mic out, wrap it up again then on xmas day don’t un-wrap it…:smile:

Well I got the 27/28/29 off of work so will be on almost constantly at that point if you wouldn’t mind restarting for when I start my siren

I play a lot at 5am my time, weekdays. Play with a few blokes across the pond when they’re on. Used to the lag on my side. I usually join rather than host.

I’ll chuck you an invite anyway, may get round to doing things later on, but I think over the next few weeks at least it’s all low level. Phantom is gonna be mic’d up in a few days, and we’ll be doing a new game for his Siren, so i’ll probably run an Axton with him. Currently doing a Zero and Sal normal run and we got past the WLP last night. If you had a toon at lvl72 it would be good, cuz i’ll be doing most stuff at 72. I’m going to run my Sal through TVHM over the next few days whilst Phantom is out, so if you wanted to do a TVHM then let me know.

If you want you can play BL2 with me, dont need to have a mic. I have a headset but rarely use it. I got 4 Op8 chars and a lv 72 Zero, never play as Axton. Psn: orange_teacher.

Sure thing. I have some chars in the high 60’s. Turns out also, 23, 30 something, and in the 50s. The 72 chars are all op, but I can swap to mid 60s gear to tune the damage, or just use Krieg naked. : D

The biggest concern is the level of lag, but I have friends still on ps3 with crap connections on the East coast. I just deal with lag.

I go back and play because these are people I like to play with.