[LFG] "SnS" PC Co-Op Hub

What is “SnS”? It stands for “Simple n’ Sweet”. It’s an attempt by some players to “balance” the game, increase viable options for gameplay, and generally just encourage more fun and variety while not losing too much difficulty in the process after the advent of Mayhem 2.0 and the adversities brought on by it. More information can be found here.

If you’re looking for new friends to try “SnS” with, simply post mentioning what difficulty you’ll typically play on (Mayhemless, M1, M2, etc.) and any notable caveats such as time, region, or particulars you’ll be doing in your game.

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Hey, I’m a Fl4k main that also plays Moze!

I normally play on Mayhem 6 to get access to all the new loot, but I wouldn’t mind to play on different ML (but I’d need some help farming if we’re gonna go up)

Even though I live in Spain I can speak English fluently (despite my accent) and I normally play in the evenings and nights (9PM-4AM CET) since my online classes are in the afternoon

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I play Moze, Amara, and Zane.

I stay on M6 because I hate this bullet-sponging meta with a passion…and now I’m having tons of fun playing and trying new builds.

I play anytime from afternoon to evening, no specific time, I’m a college student so my time is flexible.

My SHIFT is WxnderBread.