LFG True vault hunter + questions

Just finished my first playthrough of campaign ever, and I did it as Salvador. I got a couple of questions… Some guy came into my game, and he boosted my money like CRAZY, but I don’t mind much since money isn’t too important (at least wasn’t for me in my first playthrough just now), but what I do mind is that he boosted my badass stuff… I was wondering if there is a legal software I could use to fix my stuff back to normal ? (atm it appears I’m insanely OP)…

Aaaand looking for people to play with in TVHM! :slight_smile: I’m lvl 33, and up for anything really now that I’ve done the entire campaign at least once :wink:

EDIT: My steam is fiery96


I remember reading in the old forum about issues that had to do with some people having their badass points reset either by a glitch or otherwise and seeking help from gearbox themselves. But I wouldn’t know how they can determine how far back to go other than resetting it all the way. In any event, it might help to post in the tech support portion under the correct platform i.e ps3, xbox or pc. Goodluck.

If your BAR was raised a few hundred points by completing all of the money gathering challenges in one swoop, etc: you shouldn’t have gotten too many badass tokens. There is no legit/sanctioned way to modify your save file. Even if you’re trying to do it for the right reasons (to remove BAR you didn’t actually earn.) If for some reason you have an insane amount, through some glitch or etc, the best you can do is live with it and learn to be cautious of who you match with. BAR by itself will never cause you to have an astronomically easier time beating the game. Even if you had hundreds of thousands of points. You generally only become overpowered when you are leveled far past your enemies.